What Exactly Is Canvas?

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The word canvas is a generic term to describe an industrial cloth. A canvas is a heavy, strong, and rigid woven fabric that is made of cotton or synthetic (man-made) fibers, which can be used for awnings, industrial covers, slipcovers along with several other applications. A canvas comes in different grades, qualities, and weights. A canvas is usually offered in a plain or basket (oxford) weave pattern. We’ll review various weave patterns in a future article.

When trying to obtain a specific canvas for your project, the internet can be a helpful resource but can also be confusing because of the varied available choices. Some example products made from canvas fabrics are, but not limited to: floor cloths, goat coats, scuba divebags, awnings, boat covers, tipis, tents, shopping totes, punching bags, chaps, industrial pipe insulation, slipcovers, pet beds, luggage, tennis court displays, theater curtains, stage curtains, upholstery covers and several other products.

Ballistic cloths are made from nylon yarn and are really strong. Ballistic fabrics were first utilized in World War II for airmen. They would protect against small shrapnel and debris (flak). Today, most protective vests are made with a Kevlar/Nylon combination. Ballistic fabrics are primarily used in motorcycle jackets and pants, luggage and tiny packs. Ballistic nylons have high abrasion resistance and almost no elongation.

Cotton duck is a woven canvas made of 100% cotton (natural) fiber. Popular work wear products are still made with a cotton cloth because of it’s breathability and durability. Heavy cotton duck can be used for tool bags and crafter supply bags. Some of the thicker duck fabric is used in heavy duty tool bags, which can be used by mechanics and linemen in the oil and gas industry. Cotton duck canvas is available in weights from 7 oz/sq yd to 30 oz/sq yd, and in a variety of colors. Waxed cotton duck is used for outside industrial covers. This cotton duck is treated with a wax finish which makes it waterproof, and flame retardant. They are used on farms to cover heavy gear or even made into tarpaulins to wrap steam pipes during the winter. Light weight cotton duck is used in a number of upholstery applications. 7 oz duck can be used as curtain liners or artist canvas. 10 oz cotton duck is commonly used in substitute slip covers.

Paper Sewing

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If you are finding it hard to go about paper sewing, you might wish to learn some simple tips that we have for you. As soon as you’ve realized that the method involves making holes and then connecting paper together with strong thread, you’ll discover the process much easier. Read our tips to know more.

First of all, you should prepare your sewing machine. This equipment is a must to help you get started. You may want to start by changing the needle of your system to a needle which you think is strong enough. As a matter of fact, paper stitching can dull needles. Therefore, we recommend that you start with a needle that’s a bit worn.

If the stitches are a bit apart, the paper will be less likely to rip apart. To put it differently, ensure that the stitches are as large as possible.

Type of paper

Make certain you go for the right type of paper. You may not want to go for a paper that’s thin or flimsy. The reason is that this sort of paper is fragile. What you need to do is opt for a little thicker paper to make sure that the layout will look like the direction you want it to look like. If you don’t have a thicker paper, you can pick a thick card stock.

Pinning and tacking

If you would like the stitches to stay in place, be certain you pin and tack the fabric together. As far as the paper goes, you should be more accurate. Whenever you’ve made a hole in the paper, you won’t be able to undo it. If you need an alternative, you can choose bulldog grips or paperclips. If you choose the bulldog grip, ensure you place something protective under it. This is to make sure that it won’t leave a mark on the paper.


Keep in mind that you can not turn that paper afterwards. Thus, we recommend that you opt for the right side to sew on. Sewing the wrong side is not a fantastic idea as it will reveal the paper punches on the bottom. If they show up, you might want to hide them with a few paper with adhesive.

Sewing curves

If you want to sew curves, make sure you don’t sew curves at the start of the curve. Besides this, the need shouldn’t be positioned down. Before you begin stitching again, you may choose to lift the presser foot rotating the paper and lowering the presser foot.

So, we recommend that you follow these tips and techniques if you would like to teach your children the basics of sewing. After all, experimentation on paper is a lot better than experimentation on fabric.

Tired of The Noise?!

Then there are the many kinds of technology features to pick from for example wireless headphones using either RF (Radio Frequency) or Bluetooth so send the audio from source to headphones. Another significant technology is sound cancelling or noise cancelling headphones that can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Only the act of utilizing in ear headphones where the earpiece sits right in the ear canal or ear headphones that completely encase the ear will have the effect of reducing the outside sound that the wearer can hear. This is often known as passive noise cancellation.

The choice is so called active noise cancelling headphones. These use digital circuitry to read the outside noise and produce an opposite sound wave thus cancelling the background sound. This sort of noise cancelling headphones may, according to some producers, reduce background noise by up to 99 percent and for that reason are really ideal in noisy environments such as air, train or bus travel.

So once one has decided on the kind of earpiece, the tech features which you wishes to have included the upcoming significant choices are about design, color and brand. The combinations of these three standards are infinite.

There are several brands that are closely connected with headphones like the traditional consumer electronics manufacturers like Sony, JVC and Panasonic. Then there are the new trendy brands related to the youth music markets like Dr Dre, Rat Removal SMS Street cans and SOUL by Ludacris headphones. Lastly there are numerous brands that are renowned within the broader music and recording marketplace for their technological brilliance and are often the choice of professional musicians. Amongst these Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and also Shure earphones and headphones are the most famous.

Shure earphones and Shure headphones are created by an American company founded in 1925 that is renowned in the music industry because of its award-winning Sound Isolating Earphones, cell phone stereo headsets to Professional Studio and DJ headphones. All built on professional sound roots, Shure’s consumer audio products are designed to take listening adventures of MP3 players, mobiles phones and audio systems to a higher degree.

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